Egg Factory Bangalore
Breakfast at The Egg Factory Bangalore

Breakfast at The Egg Factory Bangalore

Woke up to a lazy Sunday morning and plans of driving down towards Mysore Road for breakfast. However, we eventually decided to check out The Egg Factory.

Situated off St. Mark’s Road, the entrance is quite nondescript enough, and it is housed in a building called “Whitehouse”. As we neared the main door, we saw a sign saying the place would be closed on 28th September and all of us were mentally relieved we’d come on the right day.

The decor is quite “hat ke” types and not your run of the mill interior. There is a lot of wood work and metal which is meant to give that “factory” feel, and what caught my eye were the pithy comments on the walls everywhere. The seating is also reasonably comfortable although the wooden benches can leave you feeling sore after a while.

We started with the Irish Omelette (potatoes+chives flavoured with lemon juice), and a round of French Toasts; Classic French Toast with Maple Syrup, and French Toast with Cream Cheese.

The toasts were quite chunky but didn’t really seem like the “real” French Toasts that we were used to always eating. In fact they were like any normal buttered toast.

French Toast
French Toast

Next up, we tried the Southwestern Frittata with sauteed veggies, cheddar and smeared with sour cream along with Fried Egg Sambal. For me, the Southwestern Frittata was an absolute delight and easily the highlight of the meal.

Fried Egg Sambal Egg Factory
Fried Egg Sambal
Southwestern Frittata Egg Factory
Southwestern Frittata

To top it all off, we had the caramel custard and it was simply fabulous, and combined with the earlier meal, had us decidedly agreeing that the phrase “eat breakfast like a king” was totally true!

Caramel Custard Egg Factory

Quite liked the place and the food. Looking forward to trying out more dishes on future trips to Bangalore!

The Egg Factory
Ground Floor, ‘Whitehouse’, St. Mark’s Road, Bangalore 560 001
Tel: 080-4211 0041

Update: They have several outlets now, and there are changes in the menu too. Check their website for more details.