Hi, and thanks for dropping by!

This is a personal blog where I write about things that interest me – whether food, using apps, travel, technology or finance. As I’m a fauji kid, there is a fair bit of wanderlust in me, so travelling and exploring new places, checking out various cuisines etc is all par for the course. I’m also a ‘click-happy’ person and keep taking photographs of anything that catches my fancy.

Several years ago, I was introduced to blogging as a medium through which I could share those thoughts and experiences, ranging from workplace issues to investing, technology, formula one, music, eating out, blogging, entertainment, the city of Pune and of course, the lighter and humorous side of things, not forgetting the occasional rave or rant! 😀

Though I started off with multiple topic blogs on Blogger, the power of WordPress compelled me to register my own domain name and migrate those blogs to a self-hosted WordPress blog. The thoughts and opinions expressed by me here are strictly my own and do not reflect those of my family, friends, employer or their pets! 😛

Well, now that the disclaimer is done with, how about having a look around? I’d really love to have your comments, feedback and suggestions.

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