Snacking with Snackosaur

Had come across mentions of Snackosaur recently, and even among some friends. Initially, I thought it was another regular food delivery service – however, a visit to their site proved me wrong.

What they deliver are healthy snacks – right from the usual – dry fruits, granola bars and oat cookies to the unusual – Wasabi Moong Beans, BBQ Roasted Edamame, Strawberry Wasabi Peas, Dried Cranberry etc.

They have a range of options to choose from while ordering; a trial box for Rs.299 with (relatively) small sized packets of 4-5 pre-selected snacks, a two-box pack for a month with bigger packets, or a la carte in case you wish to order only selected items. They also appear to have a subscription option – however the FAQ on the site says that has been discontinued for the time being.

There’s no registration or log in, so it can be a bother to input details again for repeat orders, however getting to the site itself was somewhat irritating as it wouldn’t open and I kept getting errors.

Once I finally managed to get through, the process of selecting the trial box, inputting my contact details, selecting COD as mode of payment (they also accept cards and Netbanking) and confirming the order was pretty quick.


We first tried the Multigrain Medley and BBQ Roasted Edamame with some beer just before lunch. While the former was ok, the latter was quite good and we pretty much finished the packet in one sitting itself.

The dried fruit mix comprises of dehydrated and dried papaya, pineapple and mango – a sweet alternative to the other namkeen snacks. The appearance and taste reminded me of ‘jujubes‘ (the candy, not the fruit). The granola bar and cookies were good too though among all, I liked the Roasted Edamame the best. The portions obviously weren’t much since it’s a trial box and the idea is to get you to order the regular box.

The Snackosaur box was delivered in three days. Along with the packets, there was an information card as well with details about the snacks. Had a small error though; the description for Wasabi Moong was that of Wasabi Peas 😉


Overall a satisfactory experience; the packaging was good, delivery was within stipulated time and the snacks were good too. However, I’d have liked to see some nutritional information on the packets though, along with a packing date and best-before date. Only the granola bar had the former.

Their site says the snacks have a shelf life of 3 months or so, but 3 months from when? :p