Dinner at Flying Duck Pune
Dinner at Flying Duck Pune

Dinner at Flying Duck Pune

Excellent food and VFM pricing makes Flying Duck Pune one of the upcoming stars of the eating out scene in the city

First visit to the much spoken about Flying Duck Pune and it was a good one. Had been hearing about this eatery for quite a while now, thanks to photos and reviews all over social media so a visit was in order.

We made plans to visit on a Tuesday, only to realise they’re closed that day, and eventually went on a Thursday. It’s a small joint with 6 tables and a seating capacity of around 24 but one thing is for sure – whether weekday or weekend, better make a reservation to avoid any disappointment if you just land up there hoping to get a table.

On the flip side, a small joint also means personalised attention from the owner, as was the case here – and Alakesh was quite enthusiastic and forthcoming with suggestions. The Pork Chops here come highly recommended, so that was a no-brainer – also the main reason we’d come over. They don’t serve alcohol yet, so Lemon Ice Tea seemed as good a drink as any on a hot summer day in May.

Dinner at Flying Duck Pune

Flying Duck Pork Chops
Pork Chops

We also ordered the Smoked Pork with Bamboo Shoot which was a good change, and tasty. We ended up nibbling at it through most of the meal.

Flying Duck Smoked Pork with Bamboo Shoot
Smoked Pork with Bamboo Shoot

The Quail with Sauce and Butter Rice was next, and this was the first time I’ve tried quail, so it was quite an interesting experience. The meat was good and tender and our already messy hands got messier as we got to work on it.

Flying Duck Quail with Sauce and Butter Rice
Quail with Sauce and Butter Rice

All the dishes were superb, and we could see why the Pork Chops here are such a hit. Ticked all the right boxes though could’ve been a tad less spicy. However all of us unanimously agreed the highlight of that particular evening was easily the Duck with Rice and Legume Sauce. Even Alakesh seemed somewhat surprised that anything could surpass the Pork Chops, but that’s how it was. The second time I was having duck, and it was cooked beautifully and that legume sauce only made things better.

Flying Duck Duck with Rice and Legume Sauce
Duck with Rice and Legume Sauce

Best part – the prices. For all this food, the cost worked out to just ~ Rs. 500 per person, which is absolute value for money! There are several interesting dishes on the menu so another visit or two will be made for sure. The quality of food and the prices together easily make Flying Duck one of the must-try places in the eating out scene in Pune. If you’re looking to head there, just remember:

a) they’re closed on Tuesday
b) there are only six tables so make a reservation to avoid a long wait
c) they don’t accept credit cards (yet), luckily we had enough cash to cover the tab

The last bit is especially important since there don’t seem to be too many ATMs in that area, so carry sufficient cash to avoid doing the dishes later 😉

Update: Things have changed since our first visit and they’ve moved to a bigger and better location (next to IBC), so there are no seating or payment issues now 🙂

Flying Duck
Shop No.12/13, D, Park Grandeur,
Balewadi High Street, Balewadi,
Pune, 411045
Tel: 78755 90666