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Level 5 Bistro and Bar

A nice brunch at Level 5 Bistro and Bar

The Kothrud area in Pune is happening and buzzing, and how :p Usually the opening of a Starbucks outlet indicates the hipster quotient of a place and though this happened 2-3 years ago, the eateries were mostly the same...

K - Korean cuisine in Pune

K, Aundh – a must visit for Korean cuisine in Pune

Fresh into the new year, and lunch plans were made for a visit to the famed Smiley House in Aundh. Unfortunately, that was closed, so we decided to try “K” – one of the few restaurants serving Korean...

Dinner at Flying Duck Pune

Dinner at Flying Duck Pune

Excellent food and VFM pricing makes Flying Duck Pune one of the upcoming stars of the eating out scene in the city

Khanabadosh Pune Lunchbox

The Lunchbox from Khanabadosh Pune

With one chicken gravy dish, 3 chapatis, steamed rice, green salad, pickle and papad, the Lunchbox from Khanabadosh Pune for Rs.170 is value for money

The Best of 2015

The Best of 2015

Wow, 2015 seemed to go by so fast – but then each day, week, month, year seems to be whizzing by so quickly now. I’ve never been a fan of listicles and a ‘Best of’ kind of post, so this one is...

Guppy Pop-Up

An Evening at The Guppy Pop-Up by Ai, Olive Bistro Pune

Planned to catch up with friends over the weekend and we had almost decided to meet at one of the breweries when the Guppy by Ai pop-up came into focus. Originally based at Delhi, they had just concluded their pop-up at...


Snacking with Snackosaur

Had come across mentions of Snackosaur recently, and even among some friends. Initially, I thought it was another regular food delivery service – however, a visit to their site proved me wrong. What they deliver...

Independence Brewing Company Pune

Independence Brewing Company Pune

Planned to catch up with a friend after a long time, somewhere around Koregaon Park. I’d also been meaning to visit Independence Brewing Company for a while now, and we finally landed up there on a hot afternoon...

Paperboat Drinks

Paper Boat drinks review – a refreshing delight

Received a mail via the blog’s contact form a few weeks ago from Hector Beverages, the company behind Paper Boat Drinks (and Tzinga). They had some interesting sounding new drinks and wanted an opinion about how...