Deepwish Diwali Twitter

#Deepwish – Diwali Wishes from Twitter to Goonj

Woke up this morning and began tweeting as usual, when a tweet by @b50 caught my eye.

It was about a drive started by Anaggh to contribute towards Goonj, a charity for ‘Educating the girl child’. Though initially slow to pick up, this is getting bigger and better, and now a whole bunch of tweeple have joined in to contribute to this cause.

Presently, the contributors are:

@anaggh Rs1.00

@aneebunee Rs1.00

@atulkarmarkar Rs2.50

@ankit_a Rs1.00

@akisaxena Rs3.00

@b50 Rs1.00

@chicalit Rs1.00

@chiefsanjay Rs1.00

@dhempe Rs1.00

@deepakshenoy Rs2.00

@fartfree Rs1.00

@gagrin Rs1.00

@gkjohn Rs1.00

@gopinathmm Rs1.00

@hp_livelife Rs2.00

@iamshishir Rs2.00

@krist0ph3r Rs1.00

@knayam Rs0.50

@limeice Rs3.00

@mloclam Rs1.00

@mihirlakhani Rs0.50

@nichetechie Rs1.50

@nihang Rs2.00

@pramodscom Rs3.00

@preetchandhoke Rs5.00

@prolificd Rs1.25

@prashantsolanki Rs0.50

@rak35h Rs3.00

@realin Rs1.00

@s4sukhdeep Rs0.50

@shamz911 Rs3.00

@shayonpal Rs3.00

@simple_sy Rs1.00

@sizzler_chetan Rs1.00

@sudhiru Rs1.00

@sumagambs Rs1.00

@trakin Rs1.00

@thinkerwrites Rs1.00

@unitechy Rs0.50

@virajj Rs3.00

@v_shakthi Rs1.00

@wlsuch Rs1.00

@yashesh Rs1.00

TOTAL Rs 64.75

For each Diwali wish you make on Twitter with the hashtag #Deepwish, an amount of Rs.64.75 (currently) per wish will go to this charitable cause. As 18-Oct draws to a close, we’re at 476 wishes. Anaggh’s blog will have regular updates on this as well.

There is no limit to the number of tweets (wishes) you can send, so do join in. This drive ends on October 19th at 9 pm.


Update: #Deepwish is over, and saw 62 people reach out for this cause within 36 hours and raise Rs.55,000. Contributions can be sent directly to Goonj under intimation to @anaggh or @b50 on Twitter.