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HDFC Bank PayZapp – a mobile payment solution

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The mobile payments, wallets and shopping  ecosystem has seen an entire bunch of apps in the past year or so, and HDFC Bank PayZapp is the latest entrant to that club.

Using HDFC Bank PayZapp, you can create an online virtual card via Netsafe, link your credit + debit cards to make utility bill payments, shop, and transfer funds – all from a single app, and without having to re-enter/re-authorise payment details each time you transact.

There’s a truckload of permissions needed upfront by the app, which are mostly self-explanatory and necessary. The mobile number is mapped to the device and other details stay with the bank; none in the phone or with the merchant.

HDFC Bank PayZappAt the primary screen, you need to first register by inputting your mobile number after which you’re sent an OTP. I liked that the app picked up the OTP on it’s own; some apps with permission to read SMS still expect manual input. Once that is done, fill in personal details and a 4-12 digit PIN which will be used for future login. There’s also an email verification that follows. Enter the PIN to log in, select the two check boxes for one click payments.

HDFC Bank PayZapp
HDFC Bank PayZapp
The menu is straightforward; with tabs for shopping, creating a virtual card, recharge/bill pay, sending money to contacts, wallet transactions, and managing your cards. You need to link your credit / debit card first, before you can transact. Interestingly, if your card is an embossed one, the app can scan the card number unlike flat ones, where you need to input the details manually. Took me a few tries to get it perfect and I had to input the expiry date. I’ve not linked my debit card yet though.

HDFC Bank PayZapp

PayZapp also allows you to create a virtual online credit card via Netsafe, within the app. I’d used this facility many years ago when it was newly launched, will explore it again. It generates a virtual 16 digit credit card number with CVV code and expiry date, linked to your credit card or bank account, so your actual card numbers remain undisclosed.

HDFC Bank PayZapp

For using the wallet, you need to add money to it. As it is linked to your credit / debit card, there are no transaction limits and no need for top-ups either. Money can be sent to mobile / email contacts; they need not be HDFC Bank customers. HDFC Bank SmartBuy, the bank’s shopping portal is also integrated with PayZapp and although there aren’t many merchants on the PayZapp platform yet, several are expected to come aboard in the next 1-2 months.

HDFC Bank PayZapp

As I’d just installed the app, I wasn’t looking to buy anything right away or transfer funds to anyone, so settled on the transaction that was upcoming – paying my mobile bill 🙂

HDFC Bank PayZapp

Quite a straightforward process, as is visible in the pics, and quick – no set of questions to answer, no waiting for an OTP or having to input a secure code.

There are plans afoot to introduce a loyalty/rewards program, an e-vault to store documents, along with “contactless” and QR code based payments. Sounds interesting and something to look forward to.

Presently, HDFC Bank PayZapp is available for all customers of HDFC Bank and only on Android, which you can download from the Play Store. Versions for other platforms should be out soon too.

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