Yet another beginning v 2.0

Yet another beginning v 2.0

Its been quite a while since this blog was created… and forgotten somewhere in time… Almost two years later, it is being revived. The June effect, perhaps?

Lots of things happening on all fronts… The Sensex plunged further and nosedived below the 10K mark, the “new” Saral form threatens to cause more consternation among the already “tax-harassed” people, fuel prices shoot up by a hefty margin… We also have two “Rahuls” making the news, though for entirely diverse reasons. While Rahul Mahajan faces the prospect of police custody, Rahul Bajaj prepares to enter the Rajya Sabha as an Independent candidate, backed by the BJP, NCP and Shiv Sena, leaving the Congress red-faced.

The rain gods seemed to have eased up a bit, probably to show our city planners what CAN still happen. Last week, even a single day’s rainfall was enough to bring back memories of the past year, with roads turned into mini lakes. Our esteemed city planners had a year to ensure there was no repeat, but we still continue to be plagued by horribly dug up roads, with huge pipes lining them. One of the contractors even had the temerity to say that it rained a little earlier than expected this year, throwing their work out of schedule. WTF!

On the sporting front, the countdown to the Football World Cup has begun, though subscribers of ICC will probably still not get to see anything. Thanks to ICC’s shenanigans, I’ve even forgotten what it was to watch Formula One at home last year. The Monaco Grand Prix is always fun to watch, though Michael Schumacher’s antics made it somewhat less so. I am an unabashed fan of the German, and though I believe his driving and understanding of his car is second to none, it is painful to see him being docked for similar stuff he used to pull almost a decade ago, against Damon Hill and Jacques Villenueve. It was still quite creditable that he started from the pit lane and finished fifth, considering how difficult overtaking is at Monaco.

After the 1-4 thrashing by the Windies in the one-dayers and the forgettable first innings of the Test, India finally showed some spine, declaring and setting West Indies a formidable total to chase. It was good to see Wasim Jaffer finally deliver, and he has a long way to go. Lara’s actions came in for comment, and it made little sense for him to behave the way he did. Whether he will be penalised or not is a moot point, however.

It’s been a month now since I purchased the Nokia N70, and so far there have been no major issues. The only exception being when all incoming/dialed/missed calls refused to be recorded in the log. A simple reboot did the trick, but this was still somewhat unexpected, considering I never faced this problem with any of my earlier phones.