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One year at Walnut

Reading Time: 2 minutes

One year at Walnut. Wow. *takes a deep breath* Has a year gone by already? ūüôā

Indeed it has, and what a ride it has been! It seems like just a few weeks ago when Amit pinged to say they were looking at expanding their team and wanted to know if I’d be interested to meet up and know more.

I was on a break after my last job and at the time had mostly been freelancing for the past couple of years, so initially expected this to be another freelance / part-time gig but that wasn’t so. Now I’m probably among the rare junta who has *not* worked at a startup in the past few years, so there was just that initial hesitation, but a couple of meetings with him and then with Patan, and I was aboard a week later.

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Dinner at Flying Duck Pune

Reading Time: 3 minutes

First visit to the much spoken about Flying Duck Pune and it was a good one. Had been hearing about this eatery for quite a while now, thanks to photos and reviews all over social media so a visit was in order.

We made plans to visit on a Tuesday, only to realise they’re closed that day, and eventually went on a Thursday. It’s a small joint with 6 tables and a¬†seating capacity of around 24 but one thing is for sure – whether weekday or weekend, better make a reservation to avoid any disappointment if you just land up there¬†hoping to get a table.

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Exit in 5 minutes or pay Rs 85 – Pune airport parking is a rip-off

Reading Time: 3 minutes

Recently, I was at the Pune Airport to pick up some guests in the morning. The first thing I noticed was the long snaking queue on the approach road (which usually¬†isn’t the case) with a traffic cop making a hash of things (no surprises there).

When I *finally* entered the premises after being on that road for 15 minutes, there was a guy at a parking meter who handed me a slip. Now I’d not been to the airport for a while and was unaware of this new Pune airport parking system. That slip, which is time-stamped when issued, allows you a grand total of FIVE¬†MINUTES in which you have to pick up the passengers, load their luggage, and head out of the airport premises.

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