Castle TV Series
Castle TV Series

Castle TV Series

I guess the title of this post would be self-explanatory to some, and meaningless to others. No, this is not about any urge to document old and historical castles, but rather Castle, the TV series which concluded¬†Season 2 in India ūüôā

This series was aired from May 3, 2010 on Star World between 10 pm-11 pm every week, from Monday to Thursday. What surprised me was my keenness to watch it, considering I only heard about it a month or so ago. A colleague had hosted a party at his place, and during a conversation about movies and TV shows like Monk, Two and a Half Men etc., another colleague happened to mention that Castle was also worth a watch. Now this party was on a Friday, and I couldn’t wait enough for Monday.

Ok, a bit about Castle: The lead character is Richard Castle (played by Nathan Fillion), a best selling author who gets called in by the NYPD to solve a crime, which appeared to be based on one of his books. He is paired with Detective Kate Beckett (the lovely Stana Katic), who initially thinks Castle is too full of himself, before realising his knowledge of crime and criminals is quite helpful when solving cases. Castle sees Beckett as a potential muse for a forthcoming book series, and gets permission to shadow her on cases thanks to his connections with the Mayor and police chief.

Castle TV Series cast
Castle TV Series main cast

Obviously, I had to get hold of Season 1 to really ‘sink’ myself into the series, and I liked what I saw. The chemistry and sparks between the lead pair is fun to watch.¬†It¬†is also an unusual pairing in some ways¬†as Castle has two ex-wives,¬†a teenage daughter, and a mother who stays with them from time to time.

Obviously there’s also a significant age difference between Castle and Beckett. However, that doesn’t really have much of a bearing as they share a superb rapport and working relationship. On the personal front, they alternate between fire and ice with non-stop verbal duels all the time, including comments on each others’ affairs and social life.

So far so good, looking forward to the next season(s) already!