LK Advani Google Ads
LK Advani and Google AdSense aka The “Ad”vani Menace

LK Advani and Google AdSense aka The “Ad”vani Menace

Aaaaaaaaargh, LK Advani strikes again!

Just some time ago, I had disabled LK Advani’s Google ads on this blog, but lo and behold, new ads are popping up all over the place, and that too in all available sizes 🙂

Though initially surprised, the reason wasn’t hard to figure out. The url has changed from to, which also now goes into my AdSense filter list. These guys seem to be hell bent on splashing his mug in every single webpage that can be seen by anyone!

In fact, I recall somebody even commenting that allowing these ads to remain on one’s site could be interpreted by visitors as a stamp of approval for BJP and LK Advani. Sounds crazy I know, but yeah – people can believe anything.

By the way, if the BJP can do it, so can the Congress, right? Sure enough, here’s this Congress ad popping up on some other page.
Congress Ad

Will these online gimmicks actually translate into votes? Difficult to say, but a big change in India’s political landscape for sure. 😀