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The Best of 2015

Wow, 2015 seemed to go by so fast – but then each day, week, month, year seems to be whizzing by so quickly now. I’ve never been a fan of listicles and a ‘Best of’ kind of post, so this one is rather surprising – and even more so in a year when there weren’t too many opportunities / experiences to really merit a ‘Best of’ but here goes.

This was actually more of an effort than I realised – not because there was a problem of plenty, but because there was a problem of too less, which means some many popular choices could be missing simply because I haven’t experienced them yet 😉

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I guess the title of this post would be self-explanatory to some, and meaningless to others. No, this is not about any urge to document old and historical castles, but rather Castle, the TV series which concluded Season 2 in India 🙂

This series was aired from May 3, 2010 on Star World between 10 pm-11pm every week, from Monday to Thursday. What surprised me was my keenness to watch it, considering I only heard about it a month or so ago. A colleague had hosted a party at his place, and during a conversation about movies and TV shows like Monk, Two and a Half Men etc., another colleague happened to mention that Castle was also worth a watch. Now this party was on a Friday, and I couldn’t wait enough for Monday.


Shah Rukh Khan on KBC 3

There was a sense of anticipation as the clock struck 9 pm, and we waited for Kaun Banega Crorepati (KBC) in it’s latest avatar, and hosted by Shah Rukh Khan, who had replaced Amitabh Bachchan.

However, the start of the show left me feeling a bit dazed with that long music video, and I sincerely hope it is not going to be played everyday ! However, I like the show itself, and it is fun trying to match wits with the contestants and test one’s own general knowledge.

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