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HDFC Bank PayZapp – a mobile payment solution

Reading Time: 3 minutes

The mobile payments, wallets and shopping  ecosystem has seen an entire bunch of apps in the past year or so, and HDFC Bank PayZapp is the latest entrant to that club.

Using HDFC Bank PayZapp, you can create an online virtual card via Netsafe, link your credit + debit cards to make utility bill payments, shop, and transfer funds – all from a single app, and without having to re-enter/re-authorise payment details each time you transact.

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MProfit Review: A Free Portfolio Management Software

Reading Time: 5 minutes

I’ve been investing in the stock market for a long long time now, and in the early days, kept a written record and then used Excel or Open Office Calc to track my stock portfolio and other investments. Over a period of time, as the portfolio grew, it became cumbersome to keep inputting the data manually whenever there were any changes, and that’s where MProfit Portfolio Management Software came in handy.

Till recently I’ve been using Microsoft Money to do this, along with the ET Portfolio Tracker for stocks and Value Research for mutual funds. There are portfolio tools with demat and online trading providers too. I use Sharekhan, HDFC Securities and ICICIDirect, and am not too enthused about their portfolio trackers. Besides, they will only track my investments done through them.