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Strand Book Stall’s T.N Shanbhag is no more

Happened to read that Mr. T.N Shanbhag of the Strand Book Stall passed away.

For a moment, it seemed difficult to comprehend he was no more, and I recall meeting him over a decade ago, when I was staying in Mumbai. I was always on the look out for book stores and especially those where I didn’t have someone always hovering around me while I browsed around, asking what I wanted to buy. No doubt such people try to be helpful, but once in a book store, I prefer being left alone to explore all there is on offer 🙂

The Strand Book Stall in Mumbai is a treasure trove and I used to frequent the place a lot, quite often just in the hope of finding a book I’d long wanted to own or even just to browse around. Mr. Shanbhag of course was always helpful and would even suggest books or authors similar to one’s interest.


Homi Bhathena of Jazz Garden is no more

Got a shock when reading the newspaper today morning. Homi Bhathena, former champion cyclist and the founder-owner of the erstwhile Jazz Garden had met with an accident on the Bombay-Pune highway and was no more. Apparently, a bus rammed into his car, though some other passengers in the car survived.

Jazz Garden was one of the several restaurants that was part of the ABC Farms complex. It was a favoured haunt for me and like minded friends and we would often chill out there and enjoy the live music over good food and drinks. This place was a fantastic platform for new and upcoming musicians to showcase their talent, and I remember thinking highly of some of those bands at the time.


Interview: Sanjeev Bikhchandani,

A few months ago, I was eagerly awaiting the Info Edge ( IPO, as it was the first Indian “pure internet / dotcom” company to come out with a public issue in the Indian stockmarkets. Since then, the company has gone from strength to strength. There were several articles on the company at the time, and it was interesting to read about it’s initial struggle and also about the single minded focus and determination of it’s founder, Sanjeev Bikhchandani, that allowed it to successfully overcome the dotcom meltdown at the turn of the century.

More recently, the company was also in the news for it’s innovative “Hari Sadu” campaign, which even provoked someone with a similar name to file a case against Naukri. Of course, as was to be expected, the company refused to give in or even withdraw the ad.