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An Evening at The Guppy Pop-Up by Ai, Olive Bistro Pune

Reading Time: 3 minutes

Planned to catch up with friends over the weekend and we had almost decided to meet at one of the breweries when the Guppy by Ai pop-up came into focus. Originally based at Delhi, they had just concluded their pop-up at Olive Mahalaxmi in Bombay before touchdown at Olive Bistro in Pune.

Living in Pune, there have been very limited options to have Japanese cuisine, though Bombay fares slightly better in this regard. Thankfully, in our group of four, three were Japanese cuisine ‘veterans’ and I was the only n00b – so no worries in terms of what to order and look out for 😀

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Snacking with Snackosaur

Reading Time: 2 minutes

Had come across mentions of Snackosaur recently, and even among some friends. Initially, I thought it was another regular food delivery service – however, a visit to their site proved me wrong.

What they deliver are healthy snacks – right from the usual – dry fruits, granola bars and oat cookies to the unusual – Wasabi Moong Beans, BBQ Roasted Edamame, Strawberry Wasabi Peas, Dried Cranberry etc.

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Independence Brewing Company Pune

Reading Time: 3 minutes

Independence Brewing Co

Planned to catch up with a friend after a long time, somewhere around Koregaon Park. I’d also been meaning to visit Independence Brewing Company for a while now, and we finally landed up there on a hot afternoon. It is towards Mundhwa, as you take a right turn from the end of North Main Road, and I was surprised to see the level of development around that area, coming that side after many years.

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