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Tag: Food

Breakfast at The Egg Factory Bangalore

Reading Time: 2 minutes

Woke up to a lazy Sunday morning and plans of driving down towards Mysore Road for breakfast. However, we eventually decided to check out The Egg Factory.

Situated off St. Mark’s Road, the entrance is quite nondescript enough, and it is housed in a building called “Whitehouse”. As we neared the main door, we saw a sign saying the place would be closed on 28th September and all of us were mentally relieved we’d come on the right day.


Lunch at Caperberry Bangalore

Reading Time: 3 minutes

Had heard from friends about Caperberry Bangalore by Chef Abhijit Saha, and their molecular gastronomy, so that was definitely on the agenda during this short visit to Bangalore.

Flew Kingfisher Red this time, and I was informed before that there would be no in-flight entertainment, no blankets or pillows, and no choice of cuisine. Well… the person telling me this was out of touch with reality coz I watched the Autocar show and a bit of ‘Luck by Chance’ on the in-flight telly. The food was pure veg and while I don’t have any problems with that at all, the upma was orange in colour… something I’ve never had before. Also got a crumpled croissant and a bowl of fruits, mostly loaded with papaya, not really my favourite! :-p