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Citibank Minimum Balance

Citibank minimum balance now Rs.2 lakh per month

Citibank minimum balance to be Rs. 2 lakh per month? Wow. In early January this year, I received a mail from Citibank that w.e.f 01-Mar-13, they were converting my Suvidha savings account to a ‘Citibanking‘...


HDFC Bank is a khadoos bank

Surprising I know… for a bank which used to focus on customer delight. I’ve been a happy customer for over a decade now. However, events over the past few months have left me feeling not so happy with HDFC...

Vertical Credit Card

Kotak launches India’s first vertical credit card

Came across a huge advertisement in the TOI today, showcasing Kotak Cards. The difference between this offering and those by other banks is the orientation of the card, or to put it more simply, this is India’s...