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Shah Rukh Khan on KBC 3

There was a sense of anticipation as the clock struck 9 pm, and we waited for Kaun Banega Crorepati (KBC) in it’s latest avatar, and hosted by Shah Rukh Khan, who had replaced Amitabh Bachchan.

However, the start of the show left me feeling a bit dazed with that long music video, and I sincerely hope it is not going to be played everyday ! However, I like the show itself, and it is fun trying to match wits with the contestants and test one’s own general knowledge.

The game began with the rollover contestant from last year, and Shah Rukh went about trying to put him at ease. There were some changes which were expected, such as the computer (Lenovo to Compaq, which he endorses), which was called “Compaqda instead of “Computerji”, the bank, surprisingly Union Bank instead of ICICI Bank, which he also endorses. The term “Lock kiya jaye” has now become “Freeze kiya jaye”. Also, when someone wants to quit the game, they can’t say so, but rather tell Shah Rukh they want to hug him.

All these changes notwithstanding, I thought he was ok, though I’m really not a Shah Rukh fan. I feel he goes “over the top” with his hamming and chatter at times. Also, I feel Bachchan (possibly because he’s been around longer) has managed to transcend all kinds of barriers to become a legend in his own right, whereas Shah Rukh has some way to go before he commands that kind of acceptance from everyone across the country.

To sum up, I thought he tried too hard and it would be best to analyse his performance after a few more episodes, when he’s had time to settle down into his new role.

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