Rajiv Rao, creator of the Vodafone ZooZoo

I’m sure anyone watching the recently concluded IPL T20 matches would’ve got used to the Vodafone ads with those funny little creatures in white. 😀

Vodafone ZooZoo

Though somewhat slow to take off, those creatures, called ZooZoos, have become an instant rage among people and Vodafone has been quick to cash in, with several spin-offs, campaigns and merchandising focussed on those ZooZoos.

But wait a sec, who is the man behind this campaign?

It is Rajiv Rao, Executive Creative Director at Ogilvy India, and he came up with the name ZooZoo because,

“We wanted something that sounded cute, lovable and a bit mad like the characters”

Rajiv has been in the ad business for almost 16 years, the last 10 with Ogilvy, where he was also the person behind the memorable Hutch pug campaign.