OneCard Metal Credit Card
Getting the OneCard metal credit card

Getting the OneCard metal credit card

In an earlier post, I’d mentioned that there are bigger things planned at OneScore, and sure enough, here we are in February, with the OneCard metal credit card 🙂

This teaser video was shared back in January, and received a tremendous response from folks everywhere.

Yep, as the title indicates, the OneCard credit card is indeed made of metal. It is a VISA Signature credit card, being initially offered to 10,000 users of the OneScore app. It is lifetime-free, with no annual fee, and no joining fee, and currently offered in Pune, Mumbai and Bangalore. Ahmedabad, Baroda and Surat have also been added recently. Other cities are in the pipeline. It is also a vertical credit card.

At the time of rolling it out, the team came up with a fun idea to have a waitlist along with some element of gamification. A user can join the waitlist only via an invite link or code, so if you’re a new user, you will have to first download the OneScore app from either the Play Store or the App Store. Existing OneScore app users will need to click on the invite link or input the code, and once done, they can see a new waitlist section in the app just below where the credit score is displayed.

Join OneCard waitlist

Tapping on this opens up the page with details about the game as well as your position in the waitlist. The more folks you refer, the higher your chances of getting spins.

OneCard Waitlist

Each time you refer someone who joined the waitlist, you get a free spin. Using this, you can jump up the waitlist or get card items (OneCard logo, VISA logo, your name, and Metal).

OneCard Item

Getting all four items means you’ve unlocked the card. Some users have managed to unlock their OneCard quite soon. I hadn’t shared my invite link/code earlier, so it took me a while to unlock mine, and it happened earlier today 🙂

OneCard metal credit card unlocked

The waitlist has been extended to 23:59 hrs on 10-Mar-20 and the top 12,000 users on the waitlist stand a chance to get the OneCard metal credit card, subject to further guidelines and credit approval. More details about the OneCard features and benefits will be unveiled soon.

If you’re unable to join the OneCard waitlist, you can sign up via my invite link or code (ATUL).

It has been a lot of fun and learning to see how the OneCard credit card and associated tech stack and operations have evolved from concept to design to reality, and I can’t wait to get my hands on the card! 😀