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McKinsey Quarterly goes free, to phase out Premium Membership

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Yup, this is the mail I received in my inbox a while ago.

Rubbed my eyes in disbelief, and read the email again to see if there was a catch somewhere. Finally, I had to concede there was no catch, and that McKinsey Quarterly was indeed making it’s content freely accessible by phasing out it’s paid or Premium Membership option.

McKinsey Quarterly Free.jpg

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#Deepwish – Diwali Wishes from Twitter to Goonj

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Woke up this morning and began tweeting as usual, when a tweet by @b50 caught my eye.

It was about a drive started by Anaggh to contribute towards Goonj, a charity for ‘Educating the girl child’. Though initially slow to pick up, this is getting bigger and better, and now a whole bunch of tweeple have joined in to contribute to this cause.