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Category: Food

The Lunchbox from Khanabadosh Pune

Reading Time: 2 minutes

Over the past few weeks, we’d been seeing this flyer of Khanabadosh Pune and were somewhat intrigued – by the name as well as the menu on offer. I vaguely recall coming across the name last year but maybe they weren’t in the neighbourhood back then and I didn’t come across any mention either.

Nowadays, all newspapers come with a bunch of various pamphlets and flyers shoved in – right from some tuition classes to furniture sale, food delivery, standard restaurant menus, broadband plans etc, so this was quite an interesting change.

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The Best of 2015

Reading Time: 4 minutes

Wow, 2015 seemed to go by so fast – but then each day, week, month, year seems to be whizzing by so quickly now. I’ve never been a fan of listicles and a ‘Best of’ kind of post, so this one is rather surprising – and even more so in a year when there weren’t too many opportunities / experiences to really merit a ‘Best of’ but here goes.

This was actually more of an effort than I realised – not because there was a problem of plenty, but because there was a problem of too less, which means some many popular choices could be missing simply because I haven’t experienced them yet 😉

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An Evening at The Guppy Pop-Up by Ai, Olive Bistro Pune

Reading Time: 3 minutes

Planned to catch up with friends over the weekend and we had almost decided to meet at one of the breweries when the Guppy by Ai pop-up came into focus. Originally based at Delhi, they had just concluded their pop-up at Olive Mahalaxmi in Bombay before touchdown at Olive Bistro in Pune.

Living in Pune, there have been very limited options to have Japanese cuisine, though Bombay fares slightly better in this regard. Thankfully, in our group of four, three were Japanese cuisine ‘veterans’ and I was the only n00b – so no worries in terms of what to order and look out for 😀

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