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Cafe Linger On, Pune – true to its name

Had some work near Baner in the morning last week, part of which also involved a bit of waiting. Looking around the area, the only place that seemed conducive to this was Cafe Linger On.

Cafe Linger On Pune.jpg

Located a bit ahead of Kiva Ivy and opposite the LG showroom and Food Bazaar, this is a small cafe, started around 8-9 months ago. It is open all days of the week, from 8am to 11pm. I’d passed this way several times before but somehow, had never seen it till now.

It’s well suited for a quick meet up and they have 2-3 tables outside too. However, with the mercury soaring, the obvious choice was to sit inside. The seating is well spaced out and comfortable. They also have a TV in case you wish to catch up with the news or live telecast of a game.

Cafe Linger On Pune

Cafe Linger On Pune

Met a friend there, and though initially breakfast (sausages, eggs, toast, pancakes etc) was being considered, the need to have something a bit more substantial ensured that the Chicken Pesto Pasta was ordered, which actually tasted much better than it looked. 🙂

Cafe Linger On Pune

Besides breakfast, they have a pretty varied menu, with rolls/wraps, appetizers, sandwiches, pastas, pizzas and desserts, which is quite sufficient for a full fledged meal. For kids, they also separately have hakka noodles, pasta and smiley fries.

As I looked around, the first thing that caught my eye was a bookshelf, packed with business and management books, magazines, board games, newspapers and… COMICS! 😀

Cafe Linger On Pune

Initially thought of some board games, but as the friend had to leave early and I anyway had to wait, I happily grabbed a couple of comics to check out. A couple of hours passed by quite easily, poring over the adventures of Tintin and Asterix along with a cup of hot green tea to keep me company.

It was a decent first time experience here and the prices were pretty reasonable too. There wasn’t enough time to sample the other dishes on offer like the Honey Chilli Chicken, Lemon Garlic Prawns, Chicken Calabrese or ‘The Linger On Jumbo”, an open chicken steak sandwich layered with lettuce, tomato, cheese, grilled salami, served with spiced potato wedges and boiled egg. Wonder of wonders, among their “Specialities” they also had Moussaka (a Greek dish), incidentally the only aubergine based dish I like. Phew, a more comprehensive visit is certainly called for.

Oh yes, all that reading stuff also ensures that if you’re looking for a place to kill time, there is ample scope to “linger on” here for quite a while. 😉

Cafe Linger On
Mont Vert Zenith,
Baner Road,
Pune 411045
Tel: 020-46778757

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