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Cabin app – share messages, reminders, location with groups

Some months ago, I was missing the old Latitude app and looking at others which allowed location sharing in real time to a group, whether family, friends, colleagues and so on.

Cabin App

Among those, one app was Cabin; downloaded it, but didn’t begin exploring till much later, and it goes beyond just location sharing.

After installing the Cabin app, you need to set up at least one group and invite people to it. Once that is done, you can

a) use it for instant messaging
b) schedule events / tasks and set up reminders for group members or self
c) share location privately within the group

Cabin App

Cabin App

Cabin App

It’s quite convenient and easy to set up and use. Of course, these features are available in some form in other apps too, but having all of them in one app in this form is quite convenient. This works best for those who are a part of multiple groups and have tightly integrated interpersonal activities on close to real-time basis, whether family / friends / teams.

It’s available for Android and iOS as of now.

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