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An orthopaedician’s delight

Been away from the blog the past couple of months, and no, this time it wasn’t due to lethargy. Was pleasantly surprised by a couple of folks writing in via the contact form to ask why I wasn’t blogging. First time that’s ever happened, so thanks for asking 😉

The reason for the break – happened to fracture my wrist in April.

Was playing football in the balcony with my 5yr old nephew. It was a bit dusty and I lost my footing, slipped and fell backwards.

I put out my right hand to break the fall, and ended up breaking and dislocating the wrist pretty badly. The bones around the wrist were shattered to pieces like a jigsaw and the doctor had to use a steel plate and a wire to put them together.

The plaster and wire came off earlier this month. The steel plate stays, however, and the arm is in a brace. Now follows physiotherapy to get the strength back in the hand besides all movements as before.

Wondering about the title of the post?

That’s because there’s a history to all this. In 1997, I skidded off a two-wheeler trying to avoid an auto, breaking the same right forearm and had a steel plate inserted as well. In 2003, I broke the right thumb just as I was boarding a train at Chennai. In 2008, I tore a ligament in the right arm. And now this. Hopefully, this is where it ends!

Hope to be blogging more regularly by this month end. Thanks for your patience 🙂

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