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XS Powercard: The smart portable charger your smartphone deserves

Thanks to the advancements in technology over the years, smartphones are now almost like a second computer – calls, chats, messaging, emails, games, GPS – so much so that many of us practically use it as our primary device.

The downside is that all this comes at a cost – with almost 24hrs non-stop usage on the go, the battery just cannot keep up, and I’ve faced many instances where the battery died or was close to dying, forcing me to alter my usage till I was near a charging point. Of course, if I anticipate extended usage or if I’m travelling, I do carry a portable charger and / or a battery bank, both of which aren’t the most convenient items to lug around.

I’ve been a frequent visitor to Kickstarter and Indiegogo to see which new products are being crowdfunded and several of them have been quite interesting. Over the past several months, I’ve been seeing several nifty little products that have tried to alleviate this problem. My main grouse with them was that they were only facilitators for charging (like a cable / key), or had a one/two hour emergency charge, so I still had to be near a power source to charge the battery.

A couple of days ago, I chanced upon the XS Powercard, which is a device smaller than a credit card, has data storage (from 8GB to 32GB) and most importantly for me, a 2200 mAh battery which is sufficient for an almost full charge. Made by Mumbai based Xyra, they have both the Lightning (for iPhone) and Micro USB (for other phones) variants, and there are several other options and price points to choose from ($34 onwards, which I think is reasonable).

I’ve already pre-ordered it, and two of the main reasons (besides the product specs) were
a) Made in India, so no shipping charges ($10) and
b) Delivery (claimed) by August 2014 – both of which are a plus for me.

[aff] Head over to the Indiegogo site in case you’re keen to check it out.

Update: This was finally delivered in December, 2014.

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