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Women Bartenders allowed in Delhi

Happened to read a news item saying the Supreme Court has upheld a Delhi High Court order allowing women to serve liquor in Delhi bars !! Have they forgotten the Jessica Lal case so soon ?

As I read through the article, I just couldn’t understand the rationale behind this move. For all our much touted coming of age and all that blah, Indians in general just cannot hold their drink or realize when they’ve had enough. This is even more so in cases where alcohol is not permitted in the house, which makes people get their fix at permit rooms and bars, where one’s “capacity” to drink is often the talking point, along with peer pressure.

Sometime last year, the Delhi High Court had said no bartenders should be younger than 25, which is Delhi’s legal drinking age. However, the Supreme Court has not only shot down that decision, but also gone on to reduce the age limit of bartenders from 25 to 21 years. What is the logic here ?

The apex court also had this to say;

”No law should end up perpetuating oppression of women and it is the State government’s duty to ensure safety measures to inspire confidence amongst women to discharge their duties.”

Yeah, right… and we all know what the Delhi State Government’s record is…

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