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Windows XP and Windows 7 dual-boot config

WinXP-Win7 dual boot

Ok, so Windows 7 is here… finally! And there’s a lot of stuff on the net which basically says, Upgrade N O W! 🙂 So should you go ahead and upgrade for the heck of it or wait till the bugs and flaws are ironed out?

Personally I’ve been using Vista over the past couple of years and haven’t really come across the “numerous” problems that seem to plague users.

A majority of people I know seem to have stuck to good old WinXP, adding service packs whenever they are made available. They also find XP running like a well oiled machine now, and are reluctant to upgrade. However, there is also a degree of anticipation thanks to the hype generated by Windows 7, so they are eager to get a taste of it, but without totally junking XP.

So what’s the way out? Well, one way to do so is use both in a dual-boot config, so you can do your testing as well as regular work without any compromises. Once you’re comfortable with Windows 7, you can set it as the primary OS and remove XP.

Here is a nice article on how you can create a Windows XP and 7 dual-boot system for an easy migration. Hope you find it useful.

For the moment though, I’m still sticking to Vista 🙂

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