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Will the Hutch Pug bid adieu ?

Ever since the Hutch-Vodafone deal, one aspect was on everyone’s mind;

“Would Vodafone give a quiet burial to the Hutch brand name and Cheeka the pug?”

Without a doubt, the Hutch brand is extremely valuable, and over almost two years and more, the pug has been inseparably associated with Hutch as it’s mascot.

Would it therefore be correct for Vodafone to discard a brand identity that practically epitomises the very presence of the telecom operator in India?

Here’s what some leading marketing gurus had to say;

“It is easier to transit from one service brand to another as there is an ongoing customer interaction with the brand.” – Pranesh Misra, President and COO, Lowe

“The telecom space is robust. It wouldn’t be too optimistic to expect a seamless transition from Hutch to Vodafone in 40 days flat.” – Harish Bijoor, Brand Consultant

“Ultimately, when consumers realise that they will benefit from the services of a global telecom giant, the warm fuzzy feeling derived from the pug will fade away.” – Sarvajeet Chandra, Brand Consultant

Of course, Vodafone typically adopts a dual-branding strategy for some time before replacing the previous brand’s imagery with theirs, so let’s see how long they stick with Cheeka 🙂