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What Pakistan probably needs now

Pakistan has been in a state of continuous denial over involvement of their citizens in the Mumbai terror attacks, and it is amazing if not wholly surprising to see how long drawn this affair promises to be, with no country seemingly capable of doing anything about it.

While intelligence failure on India’s part has been glaring, one slightly “positive” aspect, if one may call it that, has been the involvement of the FBI (as US citizens were also killed in the attacks), for the simple reason that if anyone can bring pressure to bear on Pakistan, it is the US, rather than India.

For the US of course, such “adventures” are nothing new, and they’ve had a long history of covertly supporting such individuals, groups and countries when it suited their purpose, only to have them turn rogue some years later, following which the US has then proceeded to wage war against those very allies turned foes !!

Pakistan are summarily rejecting all evidence and proof, not allowing any requests for assistance, and to top it all, have said that even if any complicity by Pakistani nationals was proved, they would not extradite any of the alleged masterminds. To top it all, people in the Government like Zardari, Gilani and Sherry Rahman actually have the gall to say they’re all for peace and normalising ties! What bullshit, maaaan!! They’re redefining hypocrisy and turning it into an art form!

All these statements being issued by Zardari & Co. are only highlighting the fact that Pakistan has all along been a state sponsor of terrorism; even now, “apparently” banned outfits are functioning as usual, they have no clue about the whereabouts of Masood Azhar, who was “apparently” under house arrest, people like Nawaz Sharif concur that Kasab is a Pakistani national, and retract their statement soon after. When nothing has worked, they’ve blamed the recent Lahore bomb blasts as the handiwork of Indians, only to have a local Pakistani outfit claim responsibility, leaving the Government with egg all over it’s face.

What Pakistan needs right now is a really strong reality check and if they continue with this posturing and bluster, it won’t be long before something like this were to happen… Only question is: who will have the guts to do it ?

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