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Unwired Pune project yet to take off

In April this year, the PMC launched the Unwired Puneproject, which sought to allow Puneites wire-free Internet access in any part of the city. A lot of folks were probably salivating at the prospect of being able to sit in a park, or for that matter CCD / Barista with their laptops, surfing away to glory.

However, as the year draws to a close, this dream has yet to turn to reality, and remains a mirage at best. Some time ago, there were problems with the free net access in the vicinity of M.G Road as well, mainly due to internal bickering among all the service providers about who was going to foot the bills for usage.

The PMC officials however, are pretty optimistic about being able to complete the project within their original time frame of 18 months, so I guess we can only wait and watch 🙂

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