Being on Twitter has been good fun, especially with all the apps that are being written around it, such as Twhirl and now, Alert Thingy respectively. Both these desktop clients use the Adobe Air platform.

Both are fantastic, and look sexy in black when placed together on one side of the desktop.

Twhirl and Alert Thingy

However, the fonts are just too small, and secondly, Alert Thingy should have been more opaque. If you have several apps open at the same time, trying to read the stuff on Alert Thingy can be a real strain due to it’s transparency. There also seems to be very little by way of customization that one can do like changing the font size, resizing the app window etc, that would make it a more enjoyable experience.

Today, as I started it up, I got a notification saying an upgrade was due, and I thought, “Wow, that was quick”, but on closer look, these grouses are still not taken care of. I guess I’ll use Twhirl but continue with friendfeed via the browser. Much easier on the eyes.

Look forward to meeting you on Twitter.