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Trying the Khanabadosh Lunchbox

Nowadays, all newspapers come with a bunch of various pamphlets and flyers shoved in – right from some tuition classes to furniture sale, food delivery, broadband plans and so on. Over the past 2-3 weeks, we’d been seeing this flyer of ‘Khanabadosh’ and were somewhat intrigued – by the name as well as the menu on offer. I vaguely recall coming across the name last year but maybe they weren’t in the neighbourhood back then and I didn’t come across any mention either.

Khanabadosh Menu

They seem to be only based in Pune as of now, and in 3-4 areas of the city. They have quite a diverse fare – right from Malabari and Hyderabadi Biryani, Malvani and Konkani dishes, to Goan, Punjabi, Delhi and Kerala cuisine. Among all those items, one that caught the eye was the ‘Lunchbox’ which seemed good value for money at Rs. 170 per box. The catch is that it is only available on weekdays.

We ordered two lunchboxes for three people thinking it would be just right, and oh boy, it was 🙂

Khanabadosh Lunchbox

It is delivered in a nice big box with all the items neatly laid out in containers. There’s one chicken gravy dish (we chose Chicken Chettinad and Butter Chicken), 3 chapatis per box, steamed rice, green salad, pickle and papad. The salad was actually nice and fresh, not the limp and soggy mess that most restaurants send these days.

The dal was superb, as good as made at home. Ditto for the chapatis, nice and soft (and warm). Both chicken dishes were quite good too. The portions seemed just right, although if you consider one lunchbox for one person (and not 2 for 3 as in our case), then all that food would certainly be a handful mouthful. At Rs. 340 for 3 people, the Khanabadosh Lunchbox was absolutely worth it!

I’m definitely going to try their other fare on offer – will keep you posted 😀

You can visit their website at or give them a call on 020 3377 1947 (interesting last 4 digits).

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