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The Bachchan and MNS saga

Why must the Bachchans’ and MNS continuously keep baiting each other?

Firstly, while speaking at a function, Jaya Bachchan had every right to speak in Hindi. However, what I couldn’t understand is the need for that tongue in cheek statement she made, saying she was from UP and asking to be excused for speaking in Hindi !

This whole controversy was dying down and she needlessly stoked the ‘marathi-manoos’ issue all over again. If she had not made that stupid remark, events at that function would have gone by unnoticed. The MNS of course, was waiting to pounce, and immediately went on the rampage, tearing posters of Amitabh’s latest film along with those of Abhishek’s ad hoardings for Idea Cellular. The MNS also threatened to prevent any Bachchan film from being released or screened in Maharashtra.

Now, of course, it is apology time for the Bachchans along with declared love for Maharashtra and the marathi language but I’m wondering about the fate of the film makers and sponsors who have several crores riding on the backs of the Bachchan father-son duo. Each time this controversy erupts, multiplexes and now even advertisement hoardings are facing the wrath of the ‘marathi brigade’.

While Raj Thackeray has every right to voice his opinion, it’s high time he and his party stop using their brand of hooliganism to put their point across.

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