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Test drove the i10 Kappa, Paul Newman dies, Ferrari screws up at Singapore

And………… another weekend comes to an end… well, the above title pretty much sums up the events of the past couple of days !! 🙂

I finally went for my long delayed test drive of the Hyundai i10 Kappa. As may be obvious from my other posts, I’m quite firm in my belief that automatic transmissions will replace stick shifts in some time, atleast for in-city driving. I drove the Automatic variant, and it was fun. None of the vibration that I was expecting at higher speeds, good to drive, responsive and a big change from not having a clutch ! Anyway, will post more on that front later after a more longer drive.

Was saddened to hear about Paul Newman’s death due to cancer. I saw quite a few of his movies and was struck by his easy charm inspite of playing characters at odds with his good looks. Some movies I liked were “The Hustler”, “Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid”, “The Color of Money”, and of course, “Cat On A Hot Tin Roof”, the last named being one I first saw as a teen (and found it boring), and then later, when I was old enough to appreciate all the dialogue and undercurrents. The movie also introduced the word “mendacity” to me ! 🙂

Last but not least, I was thrilled when Felipe Massa grabbed the pole position in the inaugural Singapore F1 Night Grand Prix. He was just a point behind Hamilton in the overall standings and looked all set to win this one. All that excitement turned to dust on raceday as a mistake from the Ferrari pit crew shattered Massa’s hopes of making any impact in this race.

As the safety car came out, both Ferraris came into the pits. While refuelling Massa’s car, a mechanic mistakenly gave Massa the green light, and Massa took off. It was a sight to see, with the Ferrari coming down the pit lane, the fuel hose still stuck in his car, snaking out dangerously.


Apparently, Ferrari is probably the only team that use this electronic ‘light’ system, all others preferring to have a guy standing in front of the car with the ‘Stop/Go lollipop’. The light signals are normally connected to the release handle on the fuel nozzle, indicating to the driver that he can leave when the hose is removed. However, due to the extra pit lane activity, they decided to switch to manual operation, resulting in the error.

Ferrari reliability has certainly gone for a toss, especially considering Kimi has not even finished his last 4 / 5 races ! They will need more than good luck if Massa is to challenge Hamilton for the title !

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