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Death By Twitter

Pretty catchy title, huh? Kinda like the ‘Death By Chocolate’ one gets to drink at Pepinos… 🙂

But no, this one is different, deadly serious and a path breaker for sure. We are all living in a highly connected and networked world now where having a social profile somewhere is the norm, with Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter being the most common ones to communicate thoughts or ‘status updates’.

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#Deepwish – Diwali Wishes from Twitter to Goonj

Woke up this morning and began tweeting as usual, when a tweet by @b50 caught my eye.

It was about a drive started by Anaggh to contribute towards Goonj, a charity for ‘Educating the girl child’. Though initially slow to pick up, this is getting bigger and better, and now a whole bunch of tweeple have joined in to contribute to this cause.