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Traffic woes courtesy the President’s visit

Why can’t we just grow up?? No, I mean seriously…

EVERY single time we have a VVIP visiting the city, the entire traffic mechanism gets royally thrown out of gear, and so it is going to be this weekend as well, all thanks to Madam President, who has decided to grace Pune with her presence for not one, not two, but three whole days !!!

What with the monsoon playing merry hell and freshly dug up slippery roads posing a threat to life and limb, this was the last thing we wanted now. Then to top it all, the PMC decides to suddenly resurface roads that are part of the presidential motorcade, right in the midst of peak morning traffic, causing a nuisance to office commuters. At some places, colleagues spent 1.5 hours to traverse a stretch of road that would have taken 15-20 minutes on a normal day. Most of JM Road has been turned into a No Parking Zone as Madam will be attending a function at the Balgandharva Rangamandir auditorium. Why can’t we have ‘organised traffic flow’ instead of ‘no traffic flow’??

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Traffic in Pune – Intolerence on the rise

There was a time not so long ago, when Pune was a pleasant place to live in. However, over the past few years, the city has degenerated, civic infrastructure has collapsed and there is practically no element of planning visible in any of the initiatives undertaken by the civic body.

In particular, the traffic scenario has become so bad, that going on a “quiet long drive” is now a utopian idea, seeing the condition of the roads, absence of footpaths for pedestrians, and lastly an increasing disregard and intolerance for any kind of rules and regulations. People seem to drive their vehicles at will, breaking traffic-signals, driving on the wrong side of the road, entering a one-way street, double parking on already congested roads… you name it !!