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One way on FC Road and JM Road – A Week Later

The proposal to enforce one way traffic on FC Road and JM Road, which had been in limbo all these months, was finally acted upon earlier this week, and has evoked a mixed response so far.

Basically, on FC Road, you can only come straight from Good Luck chowk towards Agriculture college chowk. While this has increased the speed and driving convenience for motorists, it is the pedestrians who are now faced with problems as they try to cross the road, not to mention the chaos for everyone at each of the chowks on that road.


FC Road and JM Road to go one way from 05-Mar

So finally, in a move to ease the traffic and congestion on Jangli Maharaj (JM) and Fergusson College (FC), the traffic police have decided to implement one way traffic on both roads from March 5 on a trial basis.

According to this plan, traffic will flow from Balgandharva chowk towards the Garware bridge on JM road and from the bridge towards Tukaram Paduka chowk. Entry of vehicles from Balgandharva chowk to Ghole road will also be restricted as Ghole road will also become a one-way. Traffic will be allowed to go into the lanes parallel to Ghole road from JM road to reach FC road. Apte road and Shirole road will be open to two-way traffic.


Scarf wearing girls like terrorists, says new Pune police chief

Newly appointed Commissioner of police Satyapal Singh has certainly got his tenure off to a lousy start.

During a meeting where he outlined his agenda for Pune, one of his ideas was to ban the use of head scarves, mostly used by women to protect their face from the heat and pollution, which according to Satyapal, makes them look like terrorists. He also plans to enforce usage of helmets. While the latter makes sense from the safety angle, the former shows he is completely out of sync with road and traffic conditions along with pollution levels in Pune. Things were probably different at Nagpur, where he imposed the same rules.