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Tag: Politics

Sanjay Dutt – MCP and wannabe MP

In an interview with the TOI, Sanjay Dutt revealed his ancient thought process, when he made statements like “No sister gets along with her brother’s wife”, and also,

That’s a message not just to my sisters, but to all girls who hang on to their parents’ surname. It’s become fashionable these days. But I strongly feel that doing so disrespects the person they’ve married. This may sound harsh, but if Manyata had said that she wanted to retain her father’s surname, I would’ve felt offended.


An overdose of LK Advani

Am thoroughly fed up of seeing ads with L.K Advani’s name / face on almost every third or fourth site I seem to visit, especially Indian sites running Google ads… some promoting peace, some his website and others pitching him as the next PM. Why do these oldies itch for stardom even at this age ?

If his party wanted to project him as a tech savvy guy, they’ve certainly gone overboard. On some sites, especially ones which have only Google ads, it is terrible to see identically coloured and designed ads on the entire page, the only difference being the size of the ad.