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Tag: Load Shedding

Petrol pumps to be shut from Monday

The past week has been a nightmare, what with these six hour plus power cuts. At the workplace, power is provided by a genset. It runs on diesel, so as long as it is adequately supplied, there should be no issues. And that is where the difficulty lies ! There is  a huge problem procuring diesel from the fuel pumps, who refuse to sell diesel if you happen to be carrying those large jerry cans, which.

While I can understand they are being harassed by motorists who want to tank up, refusing to supply diesel is a pretty harsh move, and one that can virtually bring all activity to a shuddering halt, as almost all SMEs and even professionals use gensets that run on diesel.

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No fixed hours for load shedding in Pune, says MSEDCL

The Maharashtra State Electricity Distribution Company Ltd. (MSEDCL) has come up with a drastic solution to the power problem in the city.

Earlier, they had indulged in ‘salami-tactics’, increasing the load shedding time ‘slice by slice’, from two hours per day to almost six hours presently. However, now it is a no-holds barred scenario, with the MSEDCL declaring that load-shedding would be done ‘anytime’, ‘anywhere’, without adherence to any fixed schedule or location.