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Tag: Legal Wrangles

Harshavardhan Group takes over open space in Wanowrie

The past few weeks have seen a sudden flurry of activity centered around the open plots of land at Wanowrie ahead of Sacred Heart Town.

Spread over approximately 48 acres in three broad chunks, a part of the area has been used by people for walks and even the odd game of cricket / football. There is also a laughter club that meets here each morning.


Justice Delayed is Justice Denied

After what seems like an eternity, the Delhi High Court convicted Manu Sharma for the murder of Jessica Lal. Though the murder took place in 1999, it has taken seven years to announce this verdict, after witnessing a series of events that would put even a Bollywood masala flick to shame.

Seeing these events unfold, it is abundantly clear that the police and our judicial system have a long way to go before any actual punishment can be meted out to the wrongdoers. What is even more worrying is the time taken to announce all these verdicts, especially where the accused is a high profile person. In several cases, this person has had a chance to re-establish his reputation to an extent where public opinion has actually turned in his favour. This new public persona of the accused then forces the law agencies on the back foot, with dharnas, morchas and signature campaigns on his behalf.

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