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PBAP and ICICI Bank aim to attract home buyers

With soaring prices and interest rates keeping home buyers at bay, real estate developers in Pune have decided to bear some of the interest rate burden for the first 24 months of the loan duration.

The Promoters and Builders Association of Pune (PBAP) has entered into an agreement with ICICI Bank to offer home loans, and as per terms of this agreement, ICICI will charge 12.5% interest. However, the buyer will pay only 10% interest for the first 24 months, while the remaining would be taken care of by the property developer for this duration.

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ICICI Bank introduces virtual bank account and smsNcash


ICICI Bank has launched two online services that seek to make life easier for those who find it difficult to visit it’s branches for conducting transactions. One of it’s services, called ‘B2-branch-free banking’, allows customers to maintain an online-only Savings bank account which is separate from the regular account. The second service, ‘smsNcash‘, allows a person without a bank account to receive money.