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Half Pants Full Pants – an enjoyable read

Some weeks ago, there was a package delivered from Hector Beverages. Too small to be another flavour of their Paper Boat drinks and bigger than the Paper Boat Chikki, and it turned out to be a book – “Half Pants Full Pants” – by Anand “Suspi” Subbarao. Unfortunately, after the initial glance-through, the book just lay in the cupboard for a while (my love for reading has been in hibernate mode for a while now), before I finally decided to check it out – and wow, what an enjoyable read it is!

Review – Half Pants Full Pants

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JFK Assassination – The Mystery Continues…

Fifty years ago, on November 22, 1963, US President John F.Kennedy was shot dead in Dallas, Texas. This is probably one of the greatest whodunits ever, with no conclusive evidence about the events of that day. There have been so many conspiracy theories about his assassination that it’s simply mind boggling. They’re a mixture of probable, impossible, paranoid and some plain whacky conjectures, and there seems no end to it, with each year throwing up additional theories.

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