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Supari being outsourced by underworld

The DNA seems to be my latest source of timepass news and this time it was a piece on how the underworld is outsourcing “supari”, which in this context means contract killing , and not the betel nut we have after a meal. 🙂

Put briefly, it goes:

What is the similarity between the corporate and the underworld? In times of recession, both go for cost-cutting. The economic slowdown has hit the underworld so hard that its head honchos have stopped all recruitments. Instead, they are outsourcing the supari (contract) business to robbers and small-time criminals in the city.

According to intelligence inputs, the underworld has also invested heavily in real estate and the stock markets and both these markets are going through a rough patch. This has dealt a heavy blow to the underworld.

What is really frightening about this kind of desperation to make easy money is the value being placed on human life, which used to run in lakhs and crores and is now worth a few paltry thousand bucks. I guess it is also becoming tougher for cops to deal with people who have no prior history, come to a city like Mumbai, kill someone, pocket the cash and take the next train back to wherever they came from.

Certainly not all that easy to locate and bring such crooks to book, unless there is a powerful intelligence network in place…

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