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Sunday Brunch at Global Fusion Mumbai

It was a lazy Sunday a couple of weeks ago and I’d just made myself a heavy breakfast comprising eggs with sausages, salami and bacon. A friend was looking for company to have brunch and after much scheduling back and forth, a couple of us joined in. Initially, the prices at Global Fusion did seem on the higher side, especially as I’d been used to lower prices for unlimited brunch in recent times, but it seemed promising enough.

Global Fusion

Located in the Link Square mall in Bandra(W), it took a bit to figure out the exact location once inside the mall. Apparently, there is no direct entry and a staircase only leads to the service section. Turned out there’s a lift that goes to the 3rd floor, where Global Fusion is.

Global Fusion entry

At first it took me a couple of minutes to adjust to the lights and dark ambience, but even as we went around the place, the number of food counters was amazing. The place even has a pool inside!

Obviously, we decided to go for the Sunday Brunch at Rs.1,097 per head. There was a complimentary drink on offer – beer, white wine, red wine; we chose a white wine and two reds, self included.

The sheer quantity of food on offer was mind boggling (reminded me of Spice Kitchen, Pune), and we headed to the sushi counter. It was delectable, and so was the sashimi. I couldn’t get enough of the prawn tempura. The rice cakes were good too. Overall, we must have made at least three trips to top up our plates with chicken, crab, prawns and fish 😀

Global Fusion NonVeg.jpg

They also have live counters, where sample dishes are kept and once you order, they are served at your table. We didn’t really avail this option as we were too hungry to wait 😛

Global Fusion Dessert counter

All this time, I’d been passing the dessert counter and when the time came to finally sample them, I realised I was so stuffed from eating the other food that I almost considered not having dessert. However I quickly banished that thought from my mind and had Baskin Robbins Honey Nut Crunch with Mississippi Mud along with the other brownies, mousse and cakes on offer.

Global Fusion Dessert

Global Fusion Dessert

Have to say that at Rs.1,097 this is a totally VFM brunch, and lunch on weekdays costs Rs.730.

A warning: Don’t have a heavy breakfast or else you won’t be able to really have paisa vasool food here 🙂

Global Fusion
3rd Flr, Link Square Mall,
Linking Road, Bandra (W),
022 2646 9001

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