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Free SMS with Peekamo

PeekamoFree texting now comes to India with Peekamo, a leader in free text messaging social networks. Peekamo allows easy and user-friendly access to text messaging, phone number masking, sms archival, mobile social networking, contact management, and mobilized internet content free of cost.

Once you create an account, it allows you to send and receive SMS’s on your cell phone free of cost, without giving out your cell phone number. Other than mobile to mobile texting, it is also possible to enable this for PC to mobile and mobile to PC text messaging.

After creating the account, you can send an SMS to a particular number by starting the message with ‘PEEK’ followed by the number of the recipient, then the message, and then send it to a short-code, which could be for any country, for eg. the short code for India is +919880880808. If you have an iPhone or Nokia Series 60 phone, you can visit from your mobile web browser.

Peekamo can also be used like a To-do / Reminder list by using the send later feature to your own number, which sends an SMS at that pre-determined time.

And now, the reason all this is free of cost. Peekamo includes small targeted “relevant” ad messages from their sponsors with every message.

Worth giving it a try, I guess.

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