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Sanjay Dutt – MCP and wannabe MP

In an interview with the TOI, Sanjay Dutt revealed his ancient thought process, when he made statements like “No sister gets along with her brother’s wife”, and also,

That’s a message not just to my sisters, but to all girls who hang on to their parents’ surname. It’s become fashionable these days. But I strongly feel that doing so disrespects the person they’ve married. This may sound harsh, but if Manyata had said that she wanted to retain her father’s surname, I would’ve felt offended.

A true blue MCP,  Dutt seems to have gone off his rocker on this one or he’s travelled back in time 🙂

 If he’s even mildly aware about some of the bureaucracy that surrounds identification and address related documentation needed nowadays, he will realise how difficult it is for a girl to practically recreate a whole new identity for herself, starting from a change of name, marriage certificate, PAN card, passport, credit cards, phone bills, bank account details etc.

It is no longer that easy to simply change the name as each set of documentation requires some or the other proof and you just can’t get one created without having another in place. I’ve seen several friends and colleagues go through this process and it is harrowing to say the least. Of course, Manyata Dutt need not go through all this as she’s married a celeb!

There are a huge number of women who’ve retained their maiden names purely for the sake of convenience, and disrespect to their husband or his family has absolutely nothing to do with it. It’s time Dutt took a reality check and stopped feeling so bloody offended!

By the same token, I guess we can also say,

That’s a message not just to Dutt, but to all wannabe politicians who are ex-convicts in cases related to murder, kidnapping or abetting terrorists. It’s become fashionable these days. But I strongly feel that doing so disrespects the Indian people. This may sound harsh, but if Dutt actually becomes an MP, I certainly will feel offended. :-p

Ditto to Amar Singh, who says if Dutt can’t contest, his wife Manyata will. Crap! More offence ? You bet 😀

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