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Rs 15 lakh for a VIP cell number! Are you kidding?

“India Shining” acquired a new meaning when a chap from Ludhiana paid Rs.15 lakh to acquire… hold your breath.. a fancy VIP cell number !!!!

Straight out of Ripley’s believe it or not ??? Well, you better believe it !

In the process, this guy, one Amit Malhotra, managed to get me to spill my morning cup of tea all over the newspaper. My dad, who was waiting for me to finish reading it, was certainly not amused at my reaction, but a quick glance at the article and he had to concur.. 🙂

This number, 9780000000, was acquired from Hutch, who had organized an auction to release VIP numbers. Ludhiana, according to the story in the TOI,

…has the most Mercs per capita in any major Indian city and where Rs 6 lakh-suit lengths are common sartorial acquisitions – and is known for its if-you-have-it-flaunt-it attitude…”

The icing on the cake: This guy did not even have the entire amount himself, but borrowed the dough from friends and relatives. I guess all those financial planners who advocate financial prudence, saving, investing, avoiding loans etc must’ve got aghast at this example of financial hara-kiri ! 🙂

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