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Riverdale and The Archies welcome Raj Patel

Another comic bastion “fell” to India, as Archie comics introduced an Indian character into the popular comic series.

His name is Raj Patel and he joins Archie, Jughead, Reggie, Chuck, Veronica, Betty and their gang at Riverdale. I’ve been a long-time Archies fan and am definitely going to get my hands on the latest offering.

The previous major Indian character to make any kind of impact was Asok, a part of the extremely popular Dilbert comic strip. (Never did like the way it was spelled, though… Ashok would’ve been better, and Wikipedia got the pronunciation wrong as well)

Considering the extent to which the Patel community dominates the Indian presence in the US, it seems apt that Raj is also a Patel. 😀

Hopefully this is something that is seen in a positive light rather than a parody on the Indian way of life. It seems not too long ago that our defining characteristic was the “Indian rope trick”, and being known as that “wonderful country of elephants and snake charmers”.

Of course, one would agree that this perception has changed, and there is a greater degree of awareness about India and all things Indian than ever before. However, some degree of racism and a tendency to poke fun still exists even now.

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