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Review: X-Men Origins-Wolverine

X-Men Origins-Wolverine

It was a sudden decision to go and watch this movie, and after quickly asking around, there were four of us who were keen on having a dekko.

As it was the 8.30 pm show at Inox, everyone decided to make a quick dash home to freshen up a bit and we managed to arrive at the theatre just in time.

Those familiar with the X-Men comic series need no introduction to the genre, and this film tells us the story of Wolverine, one of the most popular characters.

Directed by Gavin Hood, it stars Hugh Jackman as Wolverine, and also has Liev Schreiber, Danny Huston, Lynn Collins and others. It is the 4th film in the X-Men series, and is more of a prequel.

Set in Canada in the early 19th century, the film details the trauma faced by a young James Howlett when he sees his father being killed by the groundskeeper. His mutation gets activated and bone claws protrude from his knuckles, which he uses to kill the groundskeeper, only to realise the latter was his real father.

He flees with his half-brother Victor Creed and as they are both indestructible mutants, they take part in all the wars over the course of the next  century, the American Civil War, both World Wars and finally Vietnam, after which they are court-martialed and “executed” by a firing squad for insubordination.

Of course, as they have regenerative powers, they don’t die and William Stryker, an Army Major then approaches them with the lure of a new aquad called Team X, a group of mutants, but their modus operandi and disregard for human life cause Logan to leave and settle into the life of a Canadian lumberjack with his girlfriend.

However, eventually his past has to catch up with him and it does, as Victor goes on a killing spree, taking out members of Team X.  Stryker convinces Logan the only way to beat Victor is by bonding adamantium into his skeletal system, making him an indestructible mutant. Stryker also orders his assistant to erase Logan’s memory, but Logan overhears and flees, which is when the actual action starts, with Logan fighting Stryker and his team on one hand as well as keeping Victor at bay on the other. Jackman got the maximum catcalls and whistles from the girls in the audience, thanks to the couple of nude shots as he fled the the operation room. 😉

 The special effects and action sequences in the movie are awesome and this is now almost routine, with all the tools available out there. In terms of acting, Hugh Jackman is the only one who really has much of a role and he essays it well, with able support from Liev Schreiber. The others are mostly so so types but then acting is not why one goes to see an X-Men flick anyway, right? 😀

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